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April 08, 2009

spring pictures

I haven't posted pictures of the kids in a while, so here are a few from the last month or so. Nor of the exciting updates to the vegetable garden! (my other baby) Here are Teresa, Maya, and Georgia playing:

20090307_teresa rain gear_03.jpg


20090219_teresa birthday_08.JPG
(that one's from Teresa's birthday, I guess that's more than a month ago)

20090330_garden layout_3.JPG
Here's the veggie garden in back, doubled in size from last year and neatened up to look more potager and less caterpillar-shaped dirt pile.

20090406_garden and billy birthday_26.JPG
Here it is from the other direction: partially planted, fenced, and snowed on (last Sunday). The seedlings there are broccoli, cabbage and raspberries so they didn't mind the snow at all.

20090406_garden and billy birthday_29.JPG
Here are the first sprouts of the veggies we planted from seed. It will be lettuce when it grows up and even in its babyhood it doesn't mind a little snow either.

20090406_garden and billy birthday_24.JPG
Here's my favorite spring flower, the mysterious fritilaria.

20090102_sisters in a closet_4.JPG
And the other big mystery of life: how to get my kids to not get crazy when asked to smile for a picture. Oh well. They're happy.

Addendum: We're having a no TV and no computer games week this week, alternately called The Baker Family Unplugged and Little Bakers on the Prairie. Happily, writing on the computer is not prohibited. We started out whiny and disordered, but it's the third day now and I think we have a more creative, interactive vibe going.

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