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February 02, 2005

colds and fieldtrips

Well, I've avoided it so far this winter, but my body has finally given in and I've gotten a cold. I think it's my lifetime record to not get sick in the winter until February. I really tried, with lots of handwashing, vitamins, and eating berries and fruit salad whenver I felt like life was getting too meat-and-potatoes for me. Plus, who wants to be sick when they're already pregnant- no need to compound the discomfort. Oh well. But, you know, cold symptoms are not as bad as pregnancy symptoms (at least with this cold and this pregnancy) so it's more of a distraction, which is a good thing! Trying to stay positive here.

We met with the preschool aged homeschoolers playgroup yesterday (called Home's Cool- cute huh?). That concept seems a little strange- how can you be homeschooled if you're not old enough to be in school? I guess preschool counts as school in this case. Anyways, we went on a fieldtrip to Bender's Mattress Factory to see how they make mattresses. It was really cool- it was basically a big industrial craft project. There were big old Singer sewing machines and sergers, a huge cutting table with a huge rotary cutter, big air staple guns, a sewing machine-type thing that was hand held like a drill, and a huge quilting machine like a loom that quilted the layers of the mattress top together. I wish I had gotten some pictures but I had to carry Maya the whole time (and forgot my camera anyways) for safety. It was really loud in there and we left early and the girls jumped on the beds in the showroom (which they let us do!) while waiting for the tour to be done. Then the group all went to Strawberry Fields for a snack. It's a very sweet group, four families come, and they were very friendly. Hooray! Georgia has wanted to play with other homeschooled kids since we started this, and we finally found them! Yeah!

Posted by Bahiyyih at February 2, 2005 12:32 PM

That sounds really fun, like a Mr. Rogers episode. Wish we were there for your home's cool outing!

Posted by: Layli at February 2, 2005 08:22 PM

Thanks Lay! I wish you were too. We miss you over here.

Posted by: Bahiyyih at February 3, 2005 10:57 AM