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February 08, 2005


OK.. I know there's been a lot going on with me internally, but I can't seem to get it out. What's up..what's up...I'm mostly over that cold from last time. That's good. We just got back from another fun homeschooler's event, this one was a Valentine's party with lots of crafting and really nice kids and moms. I got really into gluing sequins and foam hearts on a wreath and couldn't stop. I would have loaded my wreath with even more little gluable bits if people hadn't been trying to clean up all around me. Oh well. The girls decorated Valentine's boxes and everyone passed out Valentines to each child. They also made candy necklaces and pens with flowers coming out the end. Cute and more cute. And a good distraction from the waiting game of not knowing which day will be labor day. I know it's silly to be thinking about it all the time, but it's very tempting to wonder, 'Will today be the day?'. In stressed moments with the kids (which come often these days due to my physical and emotional condition) I think it would be preferable to be in labor and meeting my new baby, and in relaxed moments I feel like, well this is a good time to go into labor, I'm nice and relaxed right now. That's what it's like in my head these days. Weird logic. I think of myself as relatively patient, but there's always more of a virtue that can be learned. And here I am needing more than I seem to have. I do better waiting for things when I know when they are going to happen, of course. Distractions are helpful when I find myself in these situations, and I mean nice distractions, like fun nights out and enjoyable creative projects. The quilting circle last night was fun! Janie, Liz and I had a very nice time working and talking and laughing together, while Billy sweetly played with kids. We each got a square finished! Just three more from the people still working on them, and we'll have nine- a very nice number for a quilt/wall hanging for the Baha'i Center. That may have been the last quilting circle meeting for a while if this baby comes before her due date. We'll see.

Oh, and speaking of baby, we changed our minds back on spelling issues. it's going to be Teresa- no 'h'- because that's how Mother Teresa spelled it, and also because it's the Spanish spelling (according to Suzanne). I just thought it was a new-fangled spelling like Bhryteny or Gehnyfer. I just hope noone calls this child Terry. I really dislike that name. It's good as a towel cloth name, but that's about it. (No offense to any Terrys out there!) If people need to shorten her name for some mysterious reason, I would go for 'Tree'. Isn't that cute? And as of now her middle name is going to be Dorothy. That's a special one that Mona brought to our attention as a name we should consider using. Of course! What were we thinking? Dorothy Baker was Billy's great grandmother and a beloved servant to the Baha'is and to the world.

If I could think any straighter, I would write a little more organizedly, but for now, this is all I can do.

Here's a picture of Maya playing in the mud with her new mud boots, in lieu of organization:

Mud Boots 0008.JPG

Posted by Bahiyyih at February 8, 2005 04:49 PM