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January 10, 2008

maya and the baby shower

Maya at the House of Worship

Maya and I had our own day together Saturday up in the Chicago area and we had a wonderful time going to the House of Worship and to one of Liza's baby showers. It was a surprise shower and we really surprised her. Whee! It was so great to see old friends and to discover more about Maya and bond with her. She's a great traveler: curious, flexible, and friendly.

Here's the little bitty quilt I made for Liam, modeled by Teresa. It's a silky, made to match the chocolate brown thing going on with Liza's baby stuff.


I'm especially fond of the back because the quilting looks interesting. I tried to put pine trees in the middle where those little rows of plants are but it looked just awful so I took the whole thing out and started over. I think this is cuter. It also taught me that I can't have any delusions about my quilting skills. I am where I am and free hand pine trees is not where I am.


I heart quilting.

Oh, and more shower pictures!

Promised group photo:

Olivia's getting BIG! She's walking and talking and when she's sad he cries, "Baby Olivia!". So sweet yet so heart-rending.

Here are a couple of Liza. The second one is just a crop of the group picture.

Liza holding up Katie's advice to not sweat the small stuff


Posted by Bahiyyih at January 10, 2008 01:30 PM

It was really nice to see you and Maya at the shower! Maya is a really mature and sweet person and I'm glad that she got some good mom time. Your quilt was the sweetest thing and yes, Liam does have a super sweet brown theme for his clothing line, too cute!

Posted by: missmartha at January 12, 2008 07:57 AM