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October 03, 2007


Maya, Teresa and I started babysitting for a two month old baby girl named Crescent on occasional Wednesdays. For money. It's the first money I've made since grad school and I must say that it's a very empowering feeling, even though it's not a lot. It's the concept that's fun. A preview of things to come in the next few years since Maya is definitely planning to go to Montessori school next year and I'm going to guess that Teresa will follow suit. Crescent is a neighbor and we watch her while her mom goes to Parkland to become a massage therapist. She's an amazing little person, very social and flexible but with very definite opinions about what she's willing to put in her mouth. A bottle is not one of those things, so she just holds out till her mom gets back. It's really fun to be able to spend time with a baby the same-ish age as Katie's Elsa. Coincidentally, Crescent has a big sister named Elsa and the two of them look so much alike that 'Elsa' is always in my mouth when I go to say her name. Teresa and Maya both get a kick out of helping carry around her things, Maya likes to hold her and talk to her and Teresa likes to take her hat off and put it back on. I think she would undress her entirely if she had her way. Elsa, I mean Crescent, really responds to Maya and talks to her very clearly. So sweet.

Posted by Bahiyyih at October 3, 2007 10:04 PM