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September 07, 2007

How we're doing today

Let's see:

Georgia started Montessori school and likes it so far. They've been starting the year with team building things and bonding. Lots of games and fieldtrips and we're about to go on a wet (hopefully not, but the weather report looks soggy) camping trip with all the families from the school. I think that's a great way to start out. She also gets to ride the city bus every day with daddy, which is pretty exciting for her. She uses little tokens for kids- so cute.

Maya started homeschooling officially for her kindergarten year and likes it very well. She's got a playdate with some cousin or friend every day. We'll start up going to gymnastics open gym (called Rugrats) soon. She's such a pleasant person to teach. When I suggest an activity or set out some options for the day, she doesn't yell NO! automatically. She thinks about it and tells her opinion. And her progression toward learning the skills involved in reading is all happening very naturally, without struggle or avoidance. She's eager to learn and good at saying when she's had enough. It's like night and day compared to my last homeschooling experience with Georgia. She had a really hard time having mommy as her teacher. But at this point, Maya's totally fine with it.

Teresa is changing from a toddler to a little kid. She's started telling her own stories at bedtime. And they're interesting, they make sense, and then she'll add some silly/funny twist at the end to make us laugh. I'm very impressed. She started by interrupting my stories to embellish them or add her own plot twist, but now we just say, 'ok, now you tell a story', and without skipping a beat, she starts right in. I love it. One of my most cherished skills, and she's picking it up so early.

Billy and I are reading "How to talk so your kids will listen and listen so your kids will talk" because of Heidi's enthusiatic recommendation. Finally, a book written so that you will understand it and use it right away to connect with your kids emotionally instead of a lot of intellectualizing and complicated stuff that you have no idea how to use. It's a really great reminder to validate kids' feelings so they can work through them instead of all the other things we might do instead when faced with a screaming child.

And right on cue, Teresa's cries are heard in the distant recesses of the upstairs. Later, dear friends!

Posted by Bahiyyih at September 7, 2007 05:54 PM

So lovely to hear about what's happening down south. Teresa the storyteller has osmosis-ed this Phillips-Baker gift. Big Nana hugs to all. Mom is coming in a couple weeks. She really wants to see you all. Let's make plans.



Posted by: Nana at September 13, 2007 10:31 PM