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June 21, 2007

Here, chick chick chick

Billy holding a chick for Teresa to pet.

And Maya getting tickled by little chick feet.

Even cuter was Billy affectionately holding a duckling, but I never got a shot of them that wasn't completely blurry. Oh well. It exists in my memory. For now.

All this poultry holding happened at Billy's cousin's wedding which took place at one of the family farms in Champaign county. It was a very sweet and farm-y wedding- this rooster kept crowing during the ceremony and making everyone laugh. Cheeky monkey.

This was also the first thing we saw when we pulled up- chickens running around the yard, pecking around in the flower beds.

And look at these great farm-style table settings. I love the glasses and the apples in vases.


Here's my favorite attempt at a group picture of all of Grandma Amy's descendants. She's saying something funny to make them laugh that apparently required Heidi to act something out. Maybe one of them will remember what it was and tell us in the comments.

Oo, I really like this picture of Georgia. She wasn't upset, just squinting.

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