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March 25, 2007

less brain fuzz, more cherry blossoms

Happy Naw-Ruz everybody! (That's the Baha'i new year.) Actually, it was March 21st, but I've been out of town visiting mama and Layli and so I'm saying it now. I just think the first day of spring is such a great time to have a new year. The world around me really looks like it's starting fresh. My friend Janie planned the community's Naw-Ruz party and asked me to come help since her theme was 'Japanese springtime'. We had so much fun. She made our planning group all write poems in haiku form about spiritual springtime using bits from the Writings and it was so fun because they're so short that you can just whip them out. Here's one I wrote that sums up how I'm feeling coming out of the winter fuzzy-head into the focus of spring:

I'm "awakened by Thy breeze",
look around with brand new eyes,
see we're all still here.

Posted by Bahiyyih at March 25, 2007 07:58 PM