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March 20, 2007

remix and match

We've been playing a lot with YouTube lately. Here's something Billy made and a few things we've found.

1. Folding laundry

Billy took time lapse pictures one minute apart of the laundry folding process at our house. What he doesn't show is the actual washing and drying and lugging baskets up and down treacherous stairways, which are all things that he does. So I get all the glory with my folding and putting away. Not fair. But he's a selfless sort.

2. Greg Padillo

The title of this one is "Beatboxing flute inspector gadget remix" It's got over 3 million views so you've probably already seen it, but in case you haven't: enjoy. If you look for him on YouTube he also does the themes to Sesame Street and mario brothers, among others. Billy found this and we are all very impressed with his mad styles.

3. Spaceghost2k

A very strange and hilarious juxtaposition of Hello Kitty clips and the theme to Mortal Kombat. This makes us laugh and if we knew anything about the video game I'm sure it would make us laugh even more.

Posted by Bahiyyih at March 20, 2007 03:19 PM