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June 02, 2006

homemade party



Today is my birthday! And Layli's birthday! Happy birthday! I decided yesterday that I wanted a kid-type birthday party that was just exactly however I felt like doing it. It just had to be fun for me. So I didn't clean my house or cook all day while getting snappy at the kids or invite over a house full of people. I just started doing fun things. The girls and I went to the best toy store ever (Art Mart) and I bought toys for them that I really wanted to play with (Playmobile sets: cows with a cute little shephard, a tractor with produce in the back, and a greenhouse/nursery playset with lots of flowers in little pots- all SO cute and really fun to play with!) and a few that they really wanted to play with: capsules that grow into sponge animals (Georgia), the greenhouse for Maya and two sparkly balls for Teresa. Then we picked up some balloons and streamers and food and went home and started decorating. We crafted and played decorator all afternoon. Oh, and we made a great cake! Chocolate with chocolate frosting and strawberry frosting in the middle! Yum! (And we made it without soy, dairy or eggs! Can you belive that? I can't, and I made up the recipe!) Georgia and Maya entertained Teresa during the part where I used beaters so she wouldn't cry (which she usually does). They found fingerfulls of frosting to be very effective at keeping her happy. Then we all dressed up in fancy dresses and played hopscotch and pretend until Billy got home. Unfortunately, I found it very impractical to actually parent wearing a bridesmaid's dress. Oh well. I changed into a T-shirt and sweats and felt happily casual and comfortable. Then we ate cake and opened presents and played with our presents until bedtime. It was great! I got to just play and play with the big girls (you'd think I get to do that pretty often since I'm with them 24/7 but mostly it's more chores and helping Teresa and keeping her out of whatever chokable-parts thing they are doing) while Billy made Teresa balloon animals which she immediately popped on purpose! I was relaxed and happy almost the whole time. It was a great party. There are almost no good pictures of it because we didn't do any posing, but there are some good movies of the action (which maybe someday I'll figure out how to put up here). I think that's a sign of a good party.

Posted by Bahiyyih at June 2, 2006 11:47 PM

Happy Birthday!
And thank you for reminding me about how the boys and I can celebrate life together in simple ways.

Posted by: heidi at June 3, 2006 10:16 AM

O so good to hear about your celebration. How EVER did you make that luscious-looking cake? Along with the quilts at the roadside stand, you can sell slices of non-allergenic goodies.

Lots of love to you and Billy and Georgia and Maya and Teresa and every single one of the Baker clan, now and forever, amen.

Your Mom

Posted by: Layli at June 5, 2006 11:08 PM

I loved your homemade birthday. What a great idea. What did you put in that great cake?

You are a great housewife and mother. I loved Teresas feet in the Billy picture.

I leave for Port Townsend on Thursday It should be fun.

Love you, Grandma

Posted by: Patty at June 6, 2006 06:58 PM