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June 02, 2006

If you (attempt to) build it, they (the mosquitos) will come.

Well, we're building that playground I mentioned agonizing over. It's fun now that it's all decided and moving forward. It's getting moreso as it gets closer to functionality. It's got a really fast slide and a mini climbing wall and a fort and five swings and soon it will have monkey bars too! Billy is the man. He's building his girls a playground that will last till they grow out of it (which will hopefully be never!). He's had a great supporting cast including Khalil, Georgia and Maya (of course), Rich Wilson, David, neighbor Erik, and a bunch of Mormons that happened by (Really! Billy talked their ears off while they drilled and bolted the swing set together.) It was supposed to take two people 4 to 6 hours to build. That's really a strange and twisted joke though because so far it's taken Billy at least three full days of work to put it up and it's still not done yet! So here's what I've learned: Do not be fooled by the signs plastered all over LowesHomeDepotMenards that show the smiling, non-sweating, non-mosquito bitten person telling you how easy it was to build the deck-gazebo-retaining wall themselves in just two hours! It is a bald lie. Construction is a serious skill. And constructing something that your precious children are going to be climbing all over takes as long as you have to make it as safe as you can.

I'll put up a picture of it soon!

Posted by Bahiyyih at June 2, 2006 11:14 PM

That's hilarious! I can just see all that happening!

Posted by: Layli at June 4, 2006 10:23 AM