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August 14, 2005

So Maya says to me

'I have power deep inside me. The power is waiting to come out.'

I kid you not. She's been watching these videos called 'Preschool Power', the theme song goes like this: 'I can do it on my own. You can do it once you've been shown...you've got the preschool power.' It's got very little kids doing a bunch of Montessori-type activities by themselves, with other kids saying simple instructions behind it. Very cute and great for giving them ideas of things they want to do- making french bread, making their own play-dough and bubble solution, simple magic tricks, simple gymnastics moves, etc.

Maya made this pronouncement while we were walking to the pool the other day. I hope I never forget how she looked at that moment- in her swimsuit, holding a pink floaty noodle, walking through the locker room, looking confident and reflective, just letting me know what the state of Maya was. I was blown away, and at the same time, just felt like nodding my head, and agreeing with such an obviously true staement.

In other news, we've been researching curricula for homeschooling here, and getting connected with a Baha'i homeschooling e-mail list and homeschoolers here. Then I had a great conversation with Layli about how we learn (being twins, it's fairly similar) in circles, non-linear fashion, and experientially and how that never fit well with the schooling we've received. We both want to try to do the things we learn about- and right away- not years, months, etc. later. These are the kinds of discussions I really need to be having right now so I can think out learning for myself and my kids. So then today I started reading a website about an educational approach for homeschooling (or traditional school too) called Enki Education and it fit so completely with what I'm about and what I think about learning and human development, that at first I couldn't see it because it was too close to ME. Apparently, I need to know myself a little better these days. I feel like a baby who has been crying for a long time and getting all out of rhythm and freaked out (me without a direction for homeschool curricula) and then mom appears and nurses me (me finding such a beautiful and complete curriculum that fits me) and there's nothing to see or hear- you can't see the milk being delivered, and there is no more crying. There's just silence and nourishment. That's where I am today. Being nourished and quiet. I can't say Enki is for everyone, but I think it might just be for me. I need to find out more about it, though. It's hard to know everything about a complex system all at once.

Posted by Bahiyyih at August 14, 2005 12:03 PM