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August 13, 2005

sisterly love


Early this morning Maya crawled into our big bed and fell asleep peacefully next to Teresa. When Teresa woke up later (meaning 6:50 am) and realized Maya was next to her, she smiled her big 'good morning' smile, rolled over (a new skill!) and started grabbing at her tummy and face and babbling at her loudly. She seemed to be saying, 'wow! Maya's here! Wake up and play with me!'. Maya tried to gently push Teresa's hands out of Maya's nose and mouth a few times and then just scooted away and tried to stay asleep. But Teresa persisted in her efforts. I tried to distract her by rolling her over toward me and talking to her and actually said, 'no Teresa, let Maya sleep.' It was a first for me to curb her efforts in any way. She just rolled back over to Maya and finally succeeded in her mission to wake up her sister. Payback has begun. (Maya regularly wakes up Teresa, sometimes on purpose, sometimes just because she's a little kid.)

In other sister news, we just had a great visit from my sister, Layli. She helped me get through the week of good-bye-ing and all the other transitions in my life right now: having three kids, starting homeschooling, etc. And the girls played with Lucy better than ever before. They really got into their pretending together and were making up adventures until the minute Lucy went out the door to go home! So sweet.

In celebration of sisters and those women and little women we draw close to us, the daughters and I (and Billly, very important) just started making two quilts- one for Liza and Brent and one for Lucy. We're in the design and shopping phase and it's SO FUN. This is what I live for these days.

Lucystock 04 0031.JPG
This picture is actually from a visit last summer, but I like it a lot. Layli is tying up a bouquet with several interested onlookers.

Posted by Bahiyyih at August 13, 2005 11:57 AM

We had so much fun visiting! Highlights for Lucy were going to the pool and the 3D thing with blue plastic pins at the Children's Museum. Mine were the fam, weather, pool and corn. Lucy is going to be so excited about the quilt!

Just to clarify, I totally agree with what you wrote about our conversation about learning styles up to the part about not thinking our schooling served us. I think life happens as it is supposed to and we learn what we need to learn. No regrets here :-).

Love and miss you!

Posted by: Layli at August 14, 2005 08:02 PM