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December 02, 2004

our day so far

What we've done today:

me: fixed mistakes in quilt binding, made breakfast and part of lunch for kids, drawn a calendar, cut out labels from calcium-containing foods for Georgia to make a chart for herself, played with a dollhouse, broken up a few fights, posted on my webble, helped Maya with the potty

Maya: played with a dollhouse, jumped on the brown chair, poured beads back and forth between containers, cried for bambums, had bambums, rolled many balls to mommy, stuck magnet animals to the refrigerator, made up a song about mommy wearing shoes

Georgia: wrote the numbers into a calendar of January, listened to three books on tape, played with beads, sorted them by color into an egg carton, dressed up in a winter princess dress, pretended to be 'little flower princess'

all of us:listened to stories told on CD about magic fish, cockroaches learning about true love, and brave seven year olds with magic pumpkins full of fish

It's been a good morning. I wonder what we'll do this afternoon.

Posted by Bahiyyih at December 2, 2004 11:59 AM