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September 24, 2004

what's up Friday?

This is the last week(crossing my fingers, hoping it will really be true) of Billy working till midnight or so, and it's Friday! Hopefully I will have moments of reflection again, in which to have thoughts of my own that I can then record. For now, all I have are stories of the weird and fantastic things my kids are doing.

Yesterday, Maya covered herself with Desitin while she was supposedly taking a nap, and 4 washes later, I have yet to get it out of her hair. I'm hoping it will come out of her clothes; she spread it on rather thick. What was she thinking? Did her scalp feel all irritated and stingy? Did her dress have a rash? In case you don't know what Desitin is, it's a diaper rash ointment that's basicly made out of white paint (zinc oxide) and fish oil (stinky!). It's thicker than peanut butter and it's made to protect skin from moisture, like vaseline. Not the kind of stuff that comes off easily, to put it mildly.

Update: 2 more hair washes later, this time with Ultra Joy dishwashing liquid to cut the grease, and it's still not out all the way, but at least her head isn't so white anymore. Plus it has a lemony fresh scent!

Georgia is learning how to read, in her highly-motivated-because-it-was-her-idea sort of way. It's really fun for me because I'm so excited for her to be able to read all the great children's literature when and how she wants and it's something special that just the two of us do together while Maya's napping- we bond over her reading lessons. I keep thinking she's going to get frustrated by all the rules and exceptions and the arbitrary way I just say, 'oh, that gh is silent and that a is pronounced ah and ou says ow here and this one's a long e', but she just trusts me and takes my word for it and plows right on with the word.

I'm crazily planning to roast a whole turkey this weekend to bring to Feast, and to have at home. I've become unsatisfied with the prepared meat things the kids eat (like chicken nuggets, chicken soup, etc.) because they all have some soy-which they're allergic to- or hydrogenated something and I can see it wearing on their health when they eat that kind of stuff every day. These kids are so sensitive! A major part of my life right now is trying to figure out how to feed them (and get the picky little girls to agree to eat) food that will keep them healthy and growing. They have difficult allergies to get around and they get sick really easily if they start eating allergy foods, even a little bit hidden here and there will build up and pretty soon someone's got a rash or digestive problems or some wierd infection. I'm all sensitive and picky and easily allergic and sick too, so I understand the major things going on, but it's so much harder to find foods that are both really wholesome for them and that they like and will agree to eat. Plus, I'm frickin' pregnant! I don't have the energy to cook from scratch for them all the time! I don't know how they will survive when I have even less time and energy after the baby comes. God help us all.

Maya's crawling all over me, trying to turn off the computer so I'll stop, but I'll be back later.

P.S. Hi Kit! How's it going? I'm glad you found me!

Posted by Bahiyyih at September 24, 2004 10:35 AM

BahikyyihOne time during a nap Michael spread not only on himself but all over my bed and the floor, talcum powder which got into the floor boards and all the bedding and all over everything. probably not as bad as Desitin but a large problem anyway. It also does not come up easily and I was really ticked off.

I think the whole turkey idea is a good one. I wish your kids were not so allergic. It seems to me that kids these days have a lot more allergies than they used to or maybe we just didnt pay attention to them and they were sick a lot.

Ive been enjoying the letters a lot and I told Janet about her picture so she looked it up and thought it was a good one.

Glad you liked the bobbles.


Posted by: Patty at September 25, 2004 08:19 AM

Oh my gosh, that made me laugh out loud really hard! What WAS she thinking?! I'm glad she's lemony fresh! You are so funny! One of mom's co-workers told me he really enjoyed looking at your blog and was visibly shocked at the size of our zucc. I am so with you on the finding food for allergic people! Here's my latest craze: Pumpkin (i.e. soup, pie, puree)! I also enjoy Grandma Patty's typo of your name, Bahikyyih. It will enter into the nickname hall of fame, along with Keeks for Khalil (a shortened version of Lucy's Keekel)

Posted by: Layli at September 26, 2004 11:17 PM

Ahh-h-h. Desitin goo. Maybe it's cool. Or just associated with pleasant mommy times. Or maybe the little fish wanted to spend the rest of the day in the water. That Aung. A white lemony fresh child. Very funny.

Can't wait to see you guys this weekend. We've been birthday shopping a teensy bit. I have lots of stories to share about Louhelen adventures; the Doctors Khan and the secretary's gathering. Yum yum.


Posted by: Nana at September 27, 2004 12:59 AM