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September 15, 2004

last summer

I promised Aunt Elaine that I'd post pictures up here of our trip to Port Townsend, Washington from summer 2003 since we've neglected to make her a CD of them for a whole year! It was quite a pilgrimage for me because I hadn't seen my dad's side of the family since I was 13. There was some transformation that needed to happen in that whole area of relationships- on both our sides- and some good work got done. Right before we left for that trip, we discovered a tiny cocoon hanging from the side of our house. It was smaller than half my pinky and grass green with shiny gold flecks on it (I can't beleive we never took a picture of it!). It looked like an alien's earring or something. So on the day we left for the trip, the cocoon was empty and there was a newly transformed monarch butterfly drying it's wings on it. We thought that was a pretty good sign, to say the least. The rest of the trip was not so magical, but it had some really great moments. Of course, I didn't see any of the behind-the-scenes work of the butterfly when it was still a blob of goo inside that cocoon- all messy and working hard. But we got to do some of that messy, difficult, confusing recreating and reorganizing work ourselves, dealing with old bad stuff and new good and bad stuff that happens in complicated families that have broken parts. Could I be any more vague? I could, actually, but at least I've protected the innocent and brought out some general themes. Enough to give these pictures a bit more depth, and so you can appreciate the journey for what it was not, namely a vacation. I found Washington state to be beautiful, scenery-wise, but in a severe, extreme way with trees like incredibly long pikes and strange chilly weather (in August!) and freezing cold ocean water. I think I'm just more used to the gentle shapes of deciduous trees, rolling hills and farmland.

P.S. In looking over all the pictures- it looks quite idyllic, and everyone looks so happy! Click on the images to see them bigger in another window, and be sure and click on 'continue' if you want to see ALL the pictures I picked out. There are quite a few, so don't be surprised if it takes a while to download.

Port Townsend 281.jpg

Port Townsend 277.jpg
Lucy and me, cousin Annie, Oliver, Nancy (Dad's wife), Layli, Dad, Josh (Dad's step son)

port townsend 048.jpg
Aunt Jean with Maya and Lucy picking lavender

port townsend 072.jpg
Aunt Elaine, Layli, cousin Annie, Grandma Vi

port townsend 084.jpg
cousin Oliver, the rest of us

port townsend 097.jpg
Grandma Vi's birthday party. She turned 80, and we tried to give her 80 butterfly presents (it's her favorite thing). We didn't hit 80, but it was fun to try!

port townsend 094.jpg
Dad and Nancy laughing at the birthday party

port townsend 096.jpg
Layli and cousin Annie at the party

port townsend 099.jpg
Georgia the viking invader preparing for a sea battle on her trusty 'ski boat' with captain Lucy at the helm

port townsend 101.jpg
my very excellent great aunt Janet on my mother's side also happens to live in Port Townsend and she is so hip that she wears a stuffed squid to entertain the little ones

port townsend 124.jpg
Georgia getting into her drawing on Aunt Elaine's kitchen floor

port townsend 126.jpg
Aunt Elaine eating the reindeer stew with meat she brought from Alaska (she works there as a physician's assistant)

port townsend 135.jpg
showing Georgia her nasturtiums

port townsend 137.jpg
Aunt Elaine the pied piper

port townsend 104.jpg
Grandma Vi getting her feet buried by Georgia and Lucy

Port Townsend 197.jpg
Maya immediately covered her face in sand when we got to the beach

Port Townsend 198.jpg
Dad on the beach

Port Townsend 200.jpg
Layli on the beach

Port Townsend 209.jpg
Maya got right into the water even though it was so cold that our feet were turning red and then blue from the chilliness

Port Townsend 230.jpg
bathtime with all those cute faces, washing the sand off

Port Townsend 252.jpg
Maya bonding with Aunt Elaine

Port Townsend 256.jpg
in the middle of a long drive to something scenic, we stopped at Fat Smitty's burger stand. Here's Josh taking a bite.

Port Townsend 268.jpg
me taking a real bite of a Smittyburger. It was the best burger I've EVER had.

Port Townsend 258.jpg
Dad posing with Smitty

Port Townsend 259.jpg
Lucy cutie outside Smitty's

Port Townsend 280.jpg
Dad leading the pack to the pretty view

Port Townsend 283.jpg
looking down the valley to our hike's destination

Port Townsend 287.jpg
Billy bouncing down to the bottom

Port Townsend 300.jpg
Nancy at the bottom, next to the river

Port Townsend 314.jpg
me in my happiest moment there, being one with the river (although not pleased to be photographed)

Port Townsend 346.jpg
all of us about to go back up the hill

Port Townsend 352.jpg
mothers of small children get to hike for two

Port Townsend 389.jpg
family playing 'mailman' at the social portion of feast at Aunt Elaine's house

Port Townsend 404.jpg
Maya cutie on the trampoline

Port Townsend 407.jpg
Georgia caught in mid air

Posted by Bahiyyih at September 15, 2004 05:41 PM

Looks and sounds like the trip was great. And my mouth is watering looking at that burger. Seriously. It looks so big and juicy and...extravagant. I love places like that.

Posted by: Husayn at September 16, 2004 12:12 AM

I really enjoyed your storytelling that went with the pictures. Great job! I'm counting down to the ultrasound:-)

Posted by: Layli at September 17, 2004 11:15 PM

Hey there, it's Kit! I'm down at Georgia Tech. Glad to finally be back in touch. How is everything?Take care. your friend,

Posted by: Cantwell Carson at September 22, 2004 11:53 PM

FanTAStic pics. One would never know the back track without your narration. Aunt Janet liked her squid pic and tried to print it, but couldn't make it happen. If you ever get the chance . . . well, maybe I could help out with a possible reprint when I come to visit. These children are gorgeous!



Posted by: Nana at September 27, 2004 12:49 AM