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March 17, 2004


Yesterday was a superb day. It was a weird winter wonderland and it put the kids and I in a good mood for playing. We got all bundled in snowpants, etc. and went sledding and building a snowman that Georgia sat on and declared a snowseat. I pulled them in their sleds (Maya has a toddler sled) to the Nature Center and we said hi to the turtles, toads and sleeping bees. Maya and I had a very cooperative grocery shopping experience after dropping Georgia off at Montessori where she dropped tomatoes and parsely in bags and picked out her own pasta and helped push the cart in her determined, athletic way. Later I made homemade salsa and was pleased that it came out somewhat like the stuff at Dos Reales that I based it on and was still hankering after weeks later. Billy and I had talked a while ago about how he liked to play boat or spaceship or other travel adventure make beleives when he was little so I tried that with the kids in the late afternoon/dinner time before daddy gets home period of our day and they were still in such a good mood from the snow that morning that they went with it with only a one sentence prompt from me, "Let's pretend we're in a boat" (so creative, I know). Then Billy came home and hungrily ate up my tacos- I love that. Then we went to hear about Globalization from Husayn at the Baha'i Center and it seemed really interesting but the kids wanted good-mood mommy to keep playing 'boat', so I did. That's ok. I'm reading my handouts from the discussion today and getting plenty to think about. And that whole day, I had this really interesting movie "The Object of my Affection" in my head because I had watched it the night before and the plot was just interesting enough to give me something to think about in the moments when I was doing the boring parts of home with kids- something to chew on. And underneath all the details of the day, those nagging questions that usually drive me a little crazy about the choices I've made in life and the inequities of motherhood and the future education of my children were not nagging or crazy. They were real things that had names and other people thinking about and affirming and the possibility of solutions appearing on the horizon when spiritual powers are tapped and applied. I think that's the feeling of being a part of a community that is asking hard questions and looking for real answers and doing the real answers. Thank you God.

Posted by Bahiyyih at March 17, 2004 12:07 PM