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January 07, 2010

What's hot and what's not

I'm going to do Loobylu's What's Hot and What's Not blogging thing here.

What's Hot

1. Snow Days! I don't think 6 inches makes it a snow day anywhere north of here, but C-U is pretty much shut down by the storm, and it was really fun to get out in it and shovel the driveway. There's not much I like to do outside in the winter, but I really do like shoveling- maybe because the exercise keeps me warm.

2. Crocheting granny squares- not me, I can't crochet at all, but Georgia learned to crochet from a book, and has figured out how to make granny squares. They're really pretty. I'd put up a picture, but she up and sold them all to a friend of ours. Always the business woman. I'll have to put in an order.

3. Paper piecing! This time it's me being crafty. I tried paper piecing, which is a method of piecing a quilt square that helps you make really precise shapes really easily by stabilizing the square with a paper pattern that you sew right through. It's harder to explain than it is to do. It's really addictive because you don't have do really precise cutting to make the shapes come out well, you just have to follow the pattern on the paper.

4. Mini quilts! These are the bits that I made with the above paper piecing. They're a really quick quilting fix because they're so little. And since there's not much to them, it's no problem to sew beads all over them!!! SO much fun! I am inspired by my sister's beading business to just go nuts with beads. They're so pretty! Pretty pretty beads!

5. A quilting scrapbook- Amy (Billy's mom) talked to me about making one and I got really excited. I want to make a real physical scrapbook with pictures of the quilts I've made and the story of each- sort of a creative process diary thing- but until I make that happen, I've put up an online quilting scrapbook on flickr. It's just the pictures so far, but it's a start, and the mini quilts are on there too.

6. Learning how to cook- The more I cook, the more I realize how little I know. I like that about the learning process although it can be overwhelming sometimes. I like learning from food blogs with lots of pictures (The Pioneer Woman, Tea & Cookies, etc.), from friends whose health I admire, and from experimenting with recipes I look up randomly on the internet.

7. There's more, but other snowed in people want to get on the computer too, so I'll curb my enthusiasm. (Except I have to mention that getting together with friends in winter is especially sweet because of the trouble involved in doing so. Makes it more valuable somehow.)

What's Not

1. Whining! To get on the computer!

2. Picky eaters!

3. Cold so deep it dries everyone's skin to sandpaper and hurts to breathe outside. I don't enjoy that. A reasonable cold so that the snow won't melt I can appreciate, but single digits is just unnecessary.

4. Tiny house- The house seems to contract in the winter, probably because we spend so much time in it. I just close my eyes and repeat to myself: A tiny house has tiny energy bills. Live simply so others may simply live.

I'll stop there. Sorry I didn't do the embedding thing to make my links clickable. I am a hack. I'm sure it will get fixed later by my fastidious administrator/husband. [Update: Done. Must ... update ... blog ... software ... -FA/H]

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