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October 12, 2009


Monday, September 28th, Teresa went to school for the first time. Montessori Habitat preschool, to be exact. Part of the same school that Georgia, Maya, and cousins Nadine, Mariah, and Amy attend. And the exact same school that her friends Paige, Sierra and Ava attend. So she's been wondering why she doesn't get to go too. We finally decided she was ready and met with the teachers. They are wonderful and sweet and have the right spirit for little children. Teresa's made a pretty easy transition so far. Her easygoing nature helps a lot, I'm sure.

It's been a huge new thing for me too because now they're all in school (at least for part of the day, Teresa gets out at 1:45) and I have time to get back to being an ESL teacher. Right now I'm woefully underemployed on that front with a whopping 2 paid hours a week tutoring. It'll be up to 8 in November, but I'm still working on job searches, etc. But still.. YAY! I get to be a teacher again! I feel so visible and ready to take on the world, walking around campus in my not-gross-from-mom-work clothes. It's a part of civilization I've missed. Oh, and get this: someone wants to pay me to be intelligent! That is such a relief for me. I feel like my life is slowly starting to tip back into balance.

Back to Teresa though. We need more than just pictures to celebrate this new phase in her life. Hence the movie about her first-ish day of school (actually shot on the 3rd day- who wants a camera in their face on their 1st ever day of school?) and her school physical. The audience I aimed this movie at are our little friends who live far away, like Elsa, Olivia, Amia, and Liam as well as big friends and doting relatives far and near. This is how I scrapbook.

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October 06, 2009

Phew! I wrote it down

fixed concerned look.JPG

Teresa: Mom, are our library books overdoomed?

(I don't care so much about forgeting library books, but I hope I never forget 'overdoomed')

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