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September 19, 2008

a little chat about what the kids are like these days

I hab a kod id by doz. So I'm messin around on the computer today while Billy takes care of us all. Our camera is back from the shop where it got a new lens mechanism, so I can post pictures again. Yeah!

Teresa quote from this morning: 'I have to make something in my creation office'. Have I ever talked about the game Teresa plays called ball catch? You roll a ball back and forth on the floor and as you roll it, you say a random word. The other person either says a word related to your word or something totally different. The only wrong answer is saying something boring and obvious,like the person-across-from-you's name. If your word is different enough from Teresa's word, it will make her laugh, and that is how the game is won, although certainly not ended. Here's a sample from this morning:
Me: teddy bears
T: purple lipstick (I laugh)
Me: backpack
T: pink poodle
Me: green scissors
T: tea bags (I laugh)
Me: honey flamingo (Teresa laughs)
T: pink frosting cake
Me: little black nose
T: cookies
Me: purple candy
T: pink lollipops
Me: candied apples
T: frosting pie (I laugh)
Me: raspberry tart
T: sprinkles
Me: tar bubbles (T laughs)
T: apples
Me: rat snakes
T: submarine (I laugh)
Me: blue sky
(end of game)
We often get stuck on dessert items, so when we break away from them, it makes us laugh extra hard. She must be learning what kinds of things are related to each other if non-sequiter is the height of humor for her.

The other thing she's really into standing on her head on the couch. She spends as much time upside down as she can, I'd say at least an hour a day, in little bits.

Georgia has the most interesting ideas about money I've ever heard from a kid. She says, "I don't want you to waste money buying a bunch of toys for me". She really dislikes shopping of every kind and almost never sees anything she wants in stores. When she does decide she wants to go shopping, she often spends her allowance buying presents for her sisters and cousins, really thinking about them and what they might want.

I'm hoping this is partially the result of us not exposing her to TV commercials. I think it might be because every single time she happens to see a TV commercial by some fluke, she tells us all about this exciting new product and how cool it is. So I think she is just as susceptible as the rest of us to marketing ploys, she just hasn't had them hammered into her brain.

In other news, Maya has really taken to reading now that she feels like it's her thing and not something her mother is trying to convince her to do. Hooray for Montessori (and maybe a little positive peer pressure)!

Where did she get her voice from? I have really never heard such a loud deep voice in a little girl. I'm especially aware of it in the early morning, of course, when she is objecting to certain foods Billy is trying to put in her lunch.

She's into making little pictures of teddy bears and scissors, etc. on little pieces of paper and proudly writing my name on them (it is the longest word she knows how to spell) and then putting them in my 'mailbox' (under my pillow) for me to find. It's great fun.

Posted by Bahiyyih at September 19, 2008 11:03 AM

Bahiyyih, your updates on what the girls are up to make me SO happy and hopeful for the world. I'm still hopeful that we'll get Anna down there to do some performing some weekend soon. (Along with some wholesome visiting for all of us!)

Posted by: Heather at September 19, 2008 01:32 PM