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May 03, 2008

first harvest

May I present the first harvest of the season, tiny buttercrunch lettuce thinnings, destined for a tiny salad and eaten immediately.


This is my solace for the irritatingly cold weather we have on this otherwise perfectly gardenable Saturday.

Oo! Oo! And Billy finished making our compost bin! Yeah Billy! The front slides up and down and it even has handles. In case you ever need to, you know, move your compost pile.


Posted by Bahiyyih at May 3, 2008 04:34 PM

What truly lovely lettuce. My goal tomorrow is to set out the young plants we've been growing from seed. They're mostly going in planters on the back forty (read "porch"), but we're going to experiment with a few plants in the actual ground. Will they survive the joyous play of the neighborhood children? I'll let you know. Go garden people everywhere! Such a beautiful compost bin!

Posted by: Nana at May 3, 2008 09:27 PM

Yummy! And your compost bin is gorgeous! Any chance there are plans out there that we could follow to build one?

Posted by: Heather at May 26, 2008 12:46 AM