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April 25, 2007

Dear land of Guyana

I've been reminded of Guyana lately by dear Auntie Ellen moving back there (soon) and showed the kids a book from the library with lots of pictures of life there. They were really interested, since I could talk about it first-hand. At bedtime, when it was time for singing, I remembered that still know some Guyanese folk songs. We had a good time singing them, and now it is such a trip to hear these songs from way back in time being hummed or little snippets sung by Maya or Georgia, and to be asked to sing 'that song about auntie and her basket'. Here are the words to that one:

So I went to de maaket, ting a ling a ling
And me see auntie Mary, ting a ling a ling
And me take away she basket, ting a ling a ling
And she kick up a racket, ting a ling a ling
And de police come up, ting a ling a ling
And dey put me in de lock up, ting a ling a ling
And dey gi' me a six mon't, ting a ling a ling
And me feel like a dunce, ting a ling a ling
Ting a ling a ling, way-o, ting a ling a ling
Way ay o, ting a ling a ling
Way-o, ting a ling a ling
Way ay o, ting a ling a ling, ting a ling a ling

It's a call and response song. Great moral there, I suppose. They all love the word 'dunce' now. I wish I could find a link to someone singing the song because it's much more interesting sung than read. Oh well. Tell me if you hear of one! I really don't know what the song is called, which probably doesn't help either. But I'm pretty sure it isn't 'Ting a ling' because that's some very different Bing Crosby deal.

Posted by Bahiyyih at April 25, 2007 02:07 PM

Hi Bahiyyih,

There's a CD for sale on Amazon with that song on it. Couldn't listen there, but you could get it for yourself. It's called, "Jane Engage, Folk Songs of Guyana" - http://www.amazon.com/Caribbean-Guyana-Jane-Engage-Songs/dp/B0002SAFX2. There was also a link on google for Jane Engage that has clips of Guyanese folk songs I thought you might enjoy at http://www.guyfolkfest.org/iswetingcd.htm.

I'd love to hear the girls singing the songs. Maybe some day soon!



Posted by: Nana at April 30, 2007 06:13 PM

∂ear ıahhiyyih:

I sure love the pictures of the kids. ˇeressa has such expressive hands.

ıills website has some "crap" on it. I dont suppose he looks very often cause its been there for quite a while.

Its hot here today. „WEre getting ready to open our new library and Im so excited. I have my very own desk there. Its a beautiful place with special sections for kids and teens and lot s of colored flooring and lots of restrooms And a community room with akitchenette. Its wonderful. You would love it. „ere trying to finish up getting basement things ready fora library with no basement. It has a couple of flowering places on top of the first floor.

You would love it.

Posted by: Patty at May 8, 2007 05:19 PM