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October 12, 2006

serious conversations

Today Maya, Teresa, and I made peanut butter cookies just because it was cold out and we wanted to do a warm activity. They were yummy and a much better idea than taking a bus trip, which was the first (and daily) request of Teresa and Maya. Here's a typical conversation with Teresa when she wakes up in the morning and comes toddling out into the hurried goings-on of getting Georgia out the door to the bus stop by 7:45.

Me: Hi Teresa!
T: Bus? Goji?
Me: Yes, Georgia takes the bus.
T: Bus? Daddy? Bus?
Me: Yes, daddy takes the bus sometimes.
T: Maya? Bus?
Me: No, Maya stays here with us.
T: Mama? Bus?
Me: I stay here too.
T: Teeda? Bus?
Me: Umm..do you want to go on a bus too?
T: Yeah! (starts hopping from one foot to the other excitedly).
Me: Well, we'll have to do that one of these days.
T: Potty? Pee?
Me: Do you need to pee on the potty?
T: Yeah. Kay kay? (naked)
Me: Um, yeah you can be naked for a little bit.
T: Kay kay! Kay kay! (runs off to the potty)
End of scene.

Those are the main topics of all serious conversation with Teresa these days- buses and potty.

P.S. Hi Grandma! I love you! Here's a little more of an answer to what Teresa's up to. I'll try to get more out about Maya and Georgia too.

Posted by Bahiyyih at October 12, 2006 10:51 PM