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July 04, 2006

I wrote a paper!

For fun! (and to help me discuss a book more fruitfully) I can't say I remember doing that very often before. I got to pick out a book for all of us moms in the Leadership Education (homeschooling) group I'm in to read and discuss together as we pick through our own collective list of 'classics' of any and all fields of kowledge we're curious about. We're reading Flatland by Edwin Abbott which I read in high school Geometry class and really liked. It's sort of about math and is also a satire of the way society deals with new ideas (generally suppresses them). It's been fun to do school-type work that I feel like doing, on my own schedule, for the purpose of leading my children in their studies by my own studying of what I'm interested in. And letting them see what I'm doing and telling them about the process, etc. I told Georgia the story line of Flatland as a bedtime story and she was interested and liked it. The point is not that whatever books I happen to read in the next few years become her curriculum but that she see the process of learning exemplified so she knows what it looks like and why, how, when, etc. to go about learning both what she's interested in and what she needs to learn in order to get where she wants to go in life.

Update: Due to family encouragement, here's the paper. Download file

Posted by Bahiyyih at July 4, 2006 12:39 AM

I love the paper, Bahiyyih (aside: she gave it to me to read and edit); I think you can post it as it is. It's not "English class ready", mostly because it's informal; but that doesn't detract from its informed-ness or readability. Grade: A+.

I must say that Khalil was pretty surprised that you wrote it voluntarily :)

Posted by: Billy at July 6, 2006 02:56 PM

Alright, I'll post it. In the Leadership Education model there are only two grades: Excellent and Do It Again (until it's excellent). I like that system. It let's you know what's expected.

Posted by: Bahiyyih at July 7, 2006 03:50 PM

Bahiyyih, what a great grading system! I love that!! I loved reading your paper, by the way--you've inspired me to do something similar.

Posted by: Suzanne at July 11, 2006 01:29 PM

Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the support. It makes me hungry for the next classic. What shall I read next?

Posted by: Bahiyyih at July 14, 2006 09:08 AM