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April 21, 2006

The Smell of Algae is Going Away

Apparently Thursday morning's events were pretty amusing to those who witnessed them—something about the Water Company guy who turned off the water for us originally, coming out to check on the valve, concluding that in fact it was leaking on their side, and then another Water Company guy coming out to give a second opinion. Bahíyyih says that both guys were very nice and that the second one was even supportive about homeschooling.

In short, the water company will take it from here. The leak is on their side of the service box at the curb (somehow, we have a curb on a tar-and-gravel road—it's the only piece of concrete for a dozen yards in either direction). They plan to repair it on Monday.

And the basement is drying up pretty well. The last damp corner no longer has any wet spots on the floor, and the smell of algae is receding. The smell was bothering me, but frankly, it could have been much worse—I don't know why it didn't smell like mildew instead. And luckily, it didn't particularly bother the rest of the household.

So back to normal. Relatively.

Posted by Billy at April 21, 2006 12:13 PM