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February 22, 2006

From the road

We're in Jacksonville Florida!! at a La Quinta Inn (spanish for 'really cold water in the pool') where we're taking a side trip to follow the warm weather wherever it happens to be since it's been chilly in South Carolina. It's great to be following our whims (as much as we can with four small children) for a while. And they are loving it too- lots of beach time at Hilton Head Island, and now in Florida on Amelia Island.

We are so blessed to be on vacation with Suzanne, Husayn, and Amia. We've missed them so much and it's great to get so much time to hang out and go on such a great adventure together. We're traveling with our tribe. At least part of it.

And we've been doing every fun thing we can think of along the way while paying attention to when the kids have had enough. It's been very balanced that way.

Full itinerary and lots of pictures to come when we get home.

P.S. Oh, and Georgia got to go to Georgia. She was tickled. We all bought Georgia T-shirts. She was also really excited to go to Florida because she regularly tells me that we need to move there, except not the part of Florida that has the alligators, please. And I solemnly promise that we will not. So then we get to the condo (Brigantine Quarters- doesn't that sound like we're pirates or something? Arr!) and there are all these signs next to the lagoons that are in the backyard "For your safety PLEASE do not feed the alligators. $1062 fine" and I thought those signs were just there for the tourists to make it seem a little dangerous. Surely there wouldn't be alligators living SO CLOSE to people. But then we spotted one, sunning itself on the bank. And then another one. And another. And I dreaded having to tell Georgia that I didn't manage to keep my promise. Luckily, Billy never made such a promise and when he told her she took it Georgia-style, "It doesn't care! I'm not scared."

I certainly WON'T feed any alligators! Geez, like I would even try to get near one. I value my limbs, thank you very much.

P.P.S. Speaking of limbs, Teresa's been walking more since her birthday (happily and simply celebrated with singing, a baby cake, and lots of mommy AND daddy time) when she showed us that she can change course and stop and start instead of just sort of run and fall into mommy's waiting arms.

Posted by Bahiyyih at February 22, 2006 09:57 PM

Oh, wow, it sounds like y'all are having so much fun! I can't believe the alligators are so around like that! Can't wait to see pictures!

Posted by: Layli at February 23, 2006 10:34 PM