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June 19, 2005


The girls often ask me to tell them stories of when I was a little girl, and I am most willing to oblige them when I am nursing and am trying to keep them from fighting with each other. Other times are ok too though, especially bedtime. It's usually Billy that tells those, but Teresa's been more interested in falling asleep at night by being carried around on a walk outside by daddy than by nursing to sleep (yeah!) so I've been doing story duty lately. I don't have a very good memory about some things, and I've never thought of my childhood in story form so I feel like there's not much to tell, but I think it just takes some practice and enough rest for that kind of brain function to be happening. There are three that they ask for over and over, maybe because they have an element of danger to them- the time a bear visited our cousin-ly campout in the middle of the night and ate all of our food, the time I fell off a dock when I was really little and was rescued by a family friend, and everyone's birth story that I could possible know. It's fun to have this challenge ahead of me (since I can only imagine the demand for stories growing in the years to come) to think in stories and remember things in story form, with drama and characters and a good plot. That's a part of myself that I really want to grow. Hmmm. it makes me want to go to a storyteller's concert (or whatever it would be called) to get some tips. I know that the last time I went to Louhelen Baha'i School there was a big emphasis on learning to tell stories like the Hands of the Cause did. That's something I want my kids to learn as they grow up. Right now they all seem to like telling stories. Maya breathlessly tells Liza stories of what has happened that day, Georgia told Teresa a story today when she was playing with her about a king who thought he was poor but it was just because he couldn't find where he'd put his money, and Teresa sure seems to be trying to tell us something when she babbles and coos. Georgia also tells stories in these hilarious songs she makes up in the car. If you're on a car ride with us sometime, you may get to hear one of them. Today's song had to do with the words see and si (Spanish for yes) and the letter C. Something like "I love si, yes I love si but C is hard to write, it's just like an O but with a piece taken out, and I love you si si yes I do. See, I love you, can you see"'.

Camp update: She has made a friend, Emma, who she LOVES. Yeah! And she loves her camp leader person so much that she dictated a letter to Billy who dutifully wrote down all about how much she loves camp so much and never wants to miss a day of it. I'm really impressed with her enthusiasm.

Posted by Bahiyyih at June 19, 2005 09:46 PM

How about the time you went home with a girl after school in kindergarten? Campfires in the driveway? Your "summer camp" experiences (Layli remembers the warm green peppers and soggy PBJs)? Going to gramma's house? Shaving-with-blindfolds birthday? Do you remember going to Louhelen/ Green Lake? You may want to stay away from the scary caught-in-the-bathroom-after the bus-ride story, but Lucy's into it. I can think of a few more if you're interested.



Posted by: Nana at July 7, 2005 04:37 PM