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February 13, 2005

false (pre) alarm

After a long, great day of celebrating the upcoming birth of my baby and the love of family and friends, I was up a good part of the night with false labor contractions (or as Dr. Sears calls them, 'pre-labor contractions', which is more positive-sounding). The reason I know they were not the real thing, besides the fact that they stopped, was that they started in all kinds of weird places and never really got around to my whole uterus. One would hurt just on one side of my lower back, the next in one thigh, the next in one small quadrant of my uterus. It was weird, though painful. They also lasted random amounts of time, and their intensity and frequency went up and down, not up and up. So this morning I'm really worn out and tired. I'm so glad it's Sunday and I can rest up for the week, whatever it brings. One thing for sure is that I need to keep working on my relaxation techniques. I remembered last night what contractions really feel like and how hard it is to stay relaxed when I'm dealing with pain. And I noticed one thing that may have contributed to this bout of contractions- Teresa seems to have changed positions last night! She's either gone from lying on one side to the total opposite side (still head down, thankfully), or she's facing forwards now instead of towards my back. The second one would not be good because it causes back labor and is harder on mom and baby to birth (Maya came out that way and it was difficult). I'll find out for sure how she's lying tomorrow morning at my next midwife appointment.

Posted by Bahiyyih at February 13, 2005 10:56 AM