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January 03, 2005


Here's a thought I thought while making a color-by-number picture for Georgia to color in: There are many different palettes in nature. There's really something to fit every person's taste of color and line and shape somewhere in the world or in the cycle of the seasons. I can't think of a person who could not find some color from the outdoor world pleasing. There are those crazy neons in sunsets, the whole brown and dark green of leafy things even on a dreary winter day, the high contrast of snow and black tree trunks, the clear blues and fluffy white of clouds on fair days, tan and slightly different tan sandscapes, moody purples and blue-greens of oceans and shadows, the palest pink and yellow of spring wildflowers, and on and on. It makes me feel like even our senses of beauty are all provided for and satisfied by a Loving and Omniscient Creator. Thank You!

(This is the wonderful effect that quilting all day has on me. The kids let me quilt while they played in intervals all morning and afternoon until I had finished my little project of making my quilt square for the quilting circle. I wanted to be done with mine ahead of time so I can help any new people that come to the next one get started. Anyways, working with all those different colors in the fabrics brings out all these happy color thoughts in me. I tell people that quilting keeps me out of trouble, and I really mean it. In this case, it keeps my mind focused on the positive aspects of life and helps me live in the creative part of my brain:)

Posted by Bahiyyih at January 3, 2005 05:10 PM

This has nothing to do with your posting, but go to http://www.pilkey.com/index.php and read the mostly true story about Dav - it's so funny! There's also a really great killer hampster page! Love, Layli

Posted by: Layli at January 5, 2005 11:32 AM

Yeah. My favorite, by far, has to be the "high contrast of snow and black tree trunks." I love that. Simple, yet AWESOME.

Posted by: nate at January 6, 2005 01:12 AM