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December 16, 2004

quilt happenings

What's been happening? Let's see. I've been experimenting with homeschooling ideas this week and trying to be relaxed about the whole thing so the kids don't feel experimented on. I had a great talk last night with Grandma Amy about teaching kids to read that I think will be helpful- continuing with the whole phonics thing and going slowly through all the increasingly complicated sounds and sound combinations.

We're going to start a quilting circle at the Baha'i Center for anyone who's interested. It'll be every other Monday night at 6:30 starting this coming Monday, the 20th. I'm hoping that this will help me be patient this winter for the baby to come and patient with the freezing cold, dark days that I find so draining.

In other quilting news, Amy and I are making quilts for all three of the cousins that are moving here in a few weeks (Nadine, Mariah, and Amy) and we're having a great time planning them out, picking out fabrics, and trying to squeeze as much sewing as we can into our already time consuming responsibilities. I'm learning a lot from Amy, as usual, and I'm excited to see how this joint project will turn out.

Theresa is doing big and little movements and gymnastics inside me these days and amuses the kids by making toys they put on my belly dance around. She's about three pounds now and 14 inches long. She can regulate her own body temperature now and makes all of her own red blood cells in her own bone marrow. Wow! And she can hear everything that goes on out here, so we made a music mix of gentle songs to play for her every night as we get ready for bed. The hope is that she will become habituated to relaxing and falling asleep to this music and will continue to do so when she comes out. We'll see if it works or not. It's working on me! I consciously try to relax when we put this music on, since I don't get many chances to do that during the day, and I know that it helps babies grow well when mom is relaxed.

Posted by Bahiyyih at December 16, 2004 08:42 AM