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June 10, 2004

off to the spa..

well actually I'm going to what I call (to the kids) 'big Baha'i school' (grown ups generally call it Louhelen) to learn more about the Parent Training I just facilitated and hear other people's experiences with it and other branches of the Core Curriculum tree (marraige and family life, race unity, etc.). But it's a four day trip and it's sort of in the woods, very much a retreat, and with an excellent chef to prepare my meals and do my dishes. And did I mention that I'm going alone? Without the kids or even sweet Billy? This will be only the fourth time (I think) that's I've been away from the kids overnight since I had kids. Two out of the three have been to this same place for this same purpose. Aaah...

Last time I got to visit the Dorothy Baker room (Lori Vodden was going to do some historical preservation work on it, and she was my partner in crime and got me in too), which is some special room for VIP's, that has her dresser and bed in it. It's quite lovely and was really special because she did a lot of teaching at Louhelen in her day. If any of you have seen Georgia's room, you'll remember the dresser with the huge looming mirror she uses for her clothes that um.. has a hamster cage on it- that was Dorothy's husband Frank's dresser, given to us by Billy's dad (also Frank).

Posted by Bahiyyih at June 10, 2004 11:28 PM