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May 16, 2004


The girls and I were wasting time at the mall today since Billy had to work on a Sunday (the mall was our consolation prize) and we were playing at the soft play area when this guy walked in and started looking around at all the kids. My creep alarm went off because I could tell that this guy was not here with kids and he was watching them very intently. He caught me watching him watch Georgia and came over to me smiling, and then I recognized his outfit as being a photographer at 'The Picture People' and was very releived. He asked me if Georgia would sit for a free photo shoot because he was trying to build his portfolio. (He wanted Maya to too but she was NOT INTERESTED.) I thought it went pretty badly because they were both freaked out by the whole process and having to sit there smiling for a long time. Georgia whipped out this cheesy fake smile that I have never seen before. It was so funny it made me laugh HARD and that made her smile more naturally. (The reason it was so funny to me was that people used to tell us often that Georgia should be a model, and seeing her looking so cheesy in a real photo shoot made me happy that she knew it was all fake and acted accordingly, which also wouldn't have made her a very good model in cute kid pictures. So I feel vindicated in ignoring that suggestion.) The photographer was obviously new and not very good at getting kids to feel comfortable, but he tried his best to get Georgia to sit in different positions and with different props and actually got some good shots. Maya looked on to the whole proceedings with a look of freaked-outedness that also did me proud. We came away from what they called the 'star search' with a huge (10x13) close up of Georgia's face that I actually like because her mouth is smiling (normally) and she is looking to the side (at me in real life) and her eyes are saying 'mom, this guy is so weird, this is really ridiculous'. That's my girl!

Posted by Bahiyyih at May 16, 2004 06:46 PM

That's hilarious! I can't wait to see the photo :)

Posted by: liza at May 16, 2004 07:20 PM

I'm so glad I got to look at Georgia clued into reality. No manipulation is working on these two.

Posted by: Nana at May 28, 2004 12:38 PM