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February 24, 2004


This is Montessori Education Week, so we're supposed to bring friends to come look through the one way window at Georgia and her class doing their 'works'. Georgia corrected me today when I said she was playing there.

Me: 'I watched you through the window today and I saw you stringing beads.'

Georgia: 'I was doing the bead work. You can't take that one home. '

Me: 'and I saw Benjamin playing with the pink blocks on a rug.'

Georgia: 'He wasn't playing with blocks. He was doing the pink cubes work. He was putting them into patterns.'

Apparently, I need to work on my Montessori terminology. Good thing it's Montessori Education Week. If anyone wants to go with me to watch this great educational philosophy in action, let me know. Georgia would be thrilled to have someone else to educate.

Posted by Bahiyyih at February 24, 2004 05:04 PM

Georgia is so funny! We're there in spirit.

Posted by: Layli Elena at February 24, 2004 08:42 PM

Ooh Bahiyyih! I want to come!! I will call you tomorrow to see if I can! I have class at 12, but I can go beforehand!!



Posted by: lizzy at February 25, 2004 07:00 PM