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January 26, 2004

weird dream

I had a weird, good dream Saturday night. Here it is:

I am called on to defend the character of an old friend from PA, whose nickname is Sweet Willy (that's a real person). The 'jury' is a dark parlour with three or four famous rich diplomat people in very fancy clothes sitting on stuffed chairs. The 'judge' is a very old man with this huge ring on that's like six inches high with three huge gems on it. Very odd and I stare at it and wonder how he can manage not to spear himself with it. I'm introduced to them all and the old guy (we'll call him Big Ring) tells me that since Sweet Willy is my mentor, he will be judged by my character. And its just my real me sitting there, wondering what worldly qualifications I could possibly possess to redeem him, compared to these people. Then, the way Big Ring is talking, I realize that this whole thing is not serious. It's just a diversion, a social game to amuse the idle gentry (kind of Jane Austen-esque). So I play along and then they bring out this little glass case that's lit from inside and it has all these Christmas ornaments hanging in it that Sweet Willy made. They are all blue and silver witha big round ball and then a sculpted part on top that's like someone's head, and they are painted like porcelain. They're actually a little tacky, and not something I would guess the real Sweet Willy would make. Then I notice one in the shape of a blobby snowman with a big cheesy smile that I recognise. And I say, 'Hey that looks like Sweet Willy's girlfriend', and then out comes his girlfriend, and its Minnie Driver, and she gives me a cold hug, like she's not that happy to see me but she has to hig me since I guessed that right, the whole trial thing is over. Then I go outside the house and its a bright sunny day, and I look down the path to the street and it's a slope covered with flowers of all different colors and there are tables part of the way down. The people sitting at them all say hi as I pass. I notice some particularly beautiful orange flowers and comment on them to Auntie Ellen and she says that she grew them, and I am impressed. Then the flowers are all over the place, so its hard to even walk, but I get down to the bottom, and there is another old friend from PA, Christian, with a whole row of different size plastic tubs that are orange, purple, green, blue, yellow, all very bright happy colors. The tubs are all upside down, and I see that they are for drumming on, like I've seen on street corners in D.C. I'm excited, and start banging on a little yellow one, but in that slow motion dream way, I can't move very fast or do exactly what I want. But it doesn't matter. Everyone is having the same trouble, I think. But we all slowly rise into the air and float around with our drums. This makes it harder to drum since they are all floaty, but then I realize that I'm up in the air and that's pretty fun in itself. And the people and drums are all tumbling around in the air and then I wake up.

Posted by Bahiyyih at January 26, 2004 10:39 AM

What a lovely dream! I especially like the idea that a person's character could be summed up by what they've passed on to another person as a mentor. Isn't it just amazing what the mind does when we leave it to itself? It sends us these beautiful messages from ourselves that we could never come up with with our waking minds. Big smile!

Posted by: Amy Eades at January 27, 2004 08:21 PM

I don't like people playing games with my girl. Grrr-r-r-r. The tiger has come out. But I loved the image of Big Ring and wondering how he managed not to spear himself . . . and Christian and the colored tubs. Glad you figured out the scene and made it out to the sunshine. Way to go!

Posted by: Nana at February 8, 2004 08:09 PM