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January 17, 2004

dictionary game

Reminded by a comment on Husayn's webble of how much I like to play the dictionary game, I got my family to play it at my last visit home. We laughed SO HARD. If you know my family, see if you can guess who wrote which definitons. The people playing were Billy, me, Layli, Khalil, Mom, and Mike. If you don't know them, you can just play along and guess which definition is the right one. Or make up your own definition to add to the mess!

The word is SORICINE:

soricine- one of several intermediate-stage amino acids used in the building of soft tissue in the human body.
soricine- medicine for a sore
soricine- a light-sensitive coating for photographic paper
soricine- the last living heir of Sicily, as portrayed by Shakespeare
soricine- a dinosaur rarely seen
soricine- worse than obscene
soricine- a scarf
soricine- belonging to the class of animals whose only modern survivors include elephants, but whose prehistoric ancestors ranged across Africa and Asia and included wooly mammoths
soricine- an antibiotic used to tret pneumonia
soricine- like a shrew
soricine- a short-lived geologic age known colloquially among paleantologists as "the morning after the pleistocene impact"

Here's a few highlights from a different round. The word was EXERGUE:
exergue- an extension for an artificial tongue
exergue- the ex brother-in-law of Zurg

Posted by Bahiyyih at January 17, 2004 01:08 AM

Dear Bahiyyih:
I love your new website and journal. The Dictionary game was one we used to play when George and I were in Haifa years ago. It was great fun and we all enjoyed it. My most lasting memory of it was one night when we were all playing it, and most of us were delighting in making up the most outrageous definitions and lies. There was one person who struggled to participate, confessing that he just couldn't lie very well. That person was a member of the UHJ!

Posted by: Dottie Frye at January 17, 2004 09:56 AM

Hi Dottie! Thanks for the story. I'm so glad to know that there are enough people around to get up a good game of dictionary. Let's definitely do it.

Posted by: Bahiyyih at January 18, 2004 08:54 AM

Some of the definitions are even better for me the second time around. Like Monty Python.

Posted by: Susan Engle at January 20, 2004 08:06 PM